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Zinc, a highly bioavailable supplement, showcases chelated zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. Through the chelation process, zinc bonds with amino acids, enhancing absorption and rendering it gentler on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract compared to other forms like zinc oxide.
An essential mineral, zinc is a component of metalloenzymes, contributing to diverse bodily tissues. It modifies gene expression, stabilizes cell membranes, supports immune function, and aids reproductive health.
Scientific research extensively documents the benefits of chelated zinc in supporting GI integrity and intestinal permeability.
Zinc is crafted to fulfill your daily zinc needs by providing highly absorbable zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. Adequate zinc intake is vital for various biological processes, including:
- Promotion of healthy immune function
- Support for healthy cellular metabolism
- Support for DNA integrity
- Promotion of reproductive function
- Support for GI integrity and permeability

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