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Spore Probiotic

Spore Probiotic

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Spore Probiotic with Phage technology is a comprehensive probiotic featuring potent digestive enzymes and a synergistic bacteriophage formula that enhances immune function and digestive health.

Bacteriophages, submicroscopic DNA or RNA packages, selectively target specific unwanted bacteria in the intestines, allowing beneficial "good" bacteria to thrive. They resist heat and colonize effectively, acting as intelligent bugs that multiply at the targeted site to support healthy immune function. When combined with digestive enzymes, pre, and probiotics, bacteriophages' effectiveness is amplified.

Supplementing with Spore Probiotic is recommended for fostering a healthy gut microbiome and promoting the beneficial properties of probiotics.
In summary, the benefits of Spore Probiotic supplementation may include:
- Digestive support
- Immunity enhancement
- Promotion of skin and joint health
- Maintenance of a healthy balance of good flora
- Facilitation of nutrient absorption

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