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Liquid Multi

Liquid Multi

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Liquid Multi is a comprehensive supplement addressing essential vitamin, mineral, and elemental needs, bridging the nutritional gap between your diet and requirements.

Designed for the entire family, from children to older adults, it combines 11 major vitamins, six trace minerals, five essential elements, and a specialized digestive health blend. Encased in a sleek amber bottle for light protection, Liquid Multi stands out nutritionally by sourcing two critical nutrients: Vitamin C for increased absorption and a superior form of Vitamin B-12 (adenosylcobalamin or AdCbl). AdCbl aids in breaking down sugar and releasing energy throughout the body. Lightly flavored with natural pineapple and coconut, it ensures a delightful taste in its easily ingestible liquid form.

Each serving of Liquid Multi provides a precisely measured dose of vital vitamins, minerals, and elements, contributing to a vibrant life. In summary, Liquid Multi supplementation benefits may include:
- Support for overall well-being
- Enhancement of energy and vitality
- Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
- Non-corn source of Vitamin C
- Suitable for all ages

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