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Liposomal C

Liposomal C

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Vitamin C plays various roles in our body, primarily serving as an antioxidant—an electron donor that neutralizes free radicals and supports a healthy oxidative stress response. This, in turn, sustains healthy cellular energy production, influencing multiple systems within the body.

The liposomal technology used in formulating Liposomal C provides superior bioavailability, making it easier to obtain this crucial antioxidant. Unlike traditional forms of supplemental vitamin C, where bioavailability is constrained by intestinal and kidney absorption limits, Liposomal C enters the bloodstream directly, ensuring rapid and effective absorption.

Additional benefits include:

- Support for a healthy oxidative stress response
- Promotion of healthy immune function
- Promotion of healthy nervous system function
- Support for collagen synthesis
- Promotion of healthy cognitive function
- Support for neuronal integrity
- Support for healthy cortisol balance
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