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Epigenetic Hair Analysis

Epigenetic Hair Analysis

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Epigenetic mapping has the potential to release you from genetic limitations and opens up new wellness and performance possibilities. Modern day living has many common influences that can have an impact on and affect your body’s underlying wellness.

These include foods eaten and nutrients absorbed along with many common environmental influences at home and work. Collectively, these are known as epigenetics.

Scientists now understand that your physical status is largely influenced by the environment up to 98% in some cases.
These eye-opening developments can take you down a different path where your genes no longer control your abilities and instead you become empowered and in control of your own wellness destiny.

Understand how to unlock that performance potential now! Your personal epigenetic indicators can be mapped out with only four strands of hair.

Hair is an amazing, almost indestructible, bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information at a quantum epigenetic level.
Over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create the charts and tables which make up the complete ZyraLife Report. So what are you waiting for? Order your ZyraLife Epigenetic Hair Analysis Kit Today! We will mail your kit with step-by-step instructions. Simply follow the instructions in your kit, and mail back your hair to our lab using the mailing label included with your kit.

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